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24-25 Estate Cottage, St. Croix

Training center

TANG HOW BROTHERS WELDING / PIPE FITTING TRAINING CENTER was established in 2005. Our Master Trainers are all NCCER / AWS Certified. Our class rooms are Air-Conditioned, and our Center is equipped with "state of the arts" individual training booths which facilitates all hands-on training. 
 In 2002, Tang How Bros. Welding & Pipefitting Training Center, was established, which over the years has partnered with the V.I. Department of Labor as an Eligible Training Provider, to train and certify welders for work both locally and on the mainland.  THB has provided certification of welders for various companies, including Hovensa, LLC up until its recent closure in late 2012.

 THB Welding & Pipe Fitting Training Center is NCCER certified as an Accredited Training Sponsor. We train beginners, and experienced students as Pipe Fitters and Welders. Our Instructors & Master Trainers are also NCCER Certified, and has trained several hundred pipefitters and welders to present.

 At THB Welding & Pipefitting Training Center, our students do their theory, in air-conditioned "comfort" and Hands-on practice in our workshop on site.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist learners in the development of the skills and knowledge necessary for employment and professional growth and to ensure that our education, results in an outstanding return on investment for our students. 

‚ÄčOur Services

We train and upgrade the Welding & Pipe Fitting Skills of both beginning and experienced journeymen and apprentices upon request from the VI Department of Labor, Local Businesses and the general public.

OUR accreditation

Tang How Brothers, Welding & Pipe Fitting Training Center is an Accredited Training Sponsor of NCCER. Our Training Program is certified by the US Virgin Islands Department of Education and endorsed by the US Virgin Islands Department of Labor as an Eligible Training Provider.